Thursday, 9 December 2010

Kevins dad was a dog handler in the RAF, so I thought the alsation would be a nice touch.
I distressed the bird table, which i bought.
Complete with Ivy on the wall.
the trunk of the tree is made from DAS mixed with lots of PVA. Have also put moss on the roof of the shed. The roof is terracotta DAS colour washed, as are the brick walls....Kevin did that bit.
Getting going to make a tree for the bottom corner. Stepping stones are DAS, to be colour washed.
Flower bed DAS and tea leaves again. Push the flowers in with tweezers after binding then together as I want them.
Marked the base out for stepping stones.
All tools etc bought, but I made the veggies from Fimo and all the flowers.
Fence made from lolly sticks and stained. The pond was bought.
The wall was made from pebbles from the garden squeezed onto a thin rolled up piece of DAS clay mixed with PVA.